Distributed Systems

Corona Virus (COVID-19): Exams and Teaching

Mar 13, 2020

Situation as of now, 6th of April:

Courses: The courses BSKS, IoT and IT-security will start as planned but in an online manner as long as needed (for now until April 19th 2020). Online teaching starts in the week of 6th of April onwards, i.e., on the regular starting date of the course. Please note, we are trying our very best to make teaching possible. But, it is all a huge experiment. You can expect that there will be hiccups, problems and unforseen challenges etc. Please see here for information on each course. 

Exams: Our research groups' written (re-)exams of the winter term 2019/2020 are postponed / canceled. Thus, there will be no (re-)exam for the Distributed Systems Course on the 26th of March 2020 as orginially scheduled. It is likely, that the exam can be taken at a later point in time, but we are awating details. Similarily, we are still waiting for details about the exams of the summer term 2020. 

We will try to keep this page updated. Please note that the text above is only the research groups' (current) understanding of the situaton. Please always refer to the guidelines of the university here in German and here in English for the official and up-to-date information. Please stay safe and healty!