Distributed Systems

Open Master & Bachelor Theses

Open Master & Bachelor Theses

Usually, topics are created on demand. This is just a snapshot of some open thesis topics for bachelor and master students. Usually, we have many more topics, please talk to the team directly to find out more. You will mostly likely know the team members from your courses with us. In general, we strongly recommend having taken (elective) courses with us before going for a thesis with us. See here for a list of completed thesis

We offer you a great work atmosphere, motivated advisors, and a coffee machine (or tea if you prefer). Currently, open theses are the following:

Machine Learning

  • Energy Modeling for Embedded Neural Networks (M.Sc)
  • Reinforcement-learning Based Parameter-Selection for Bluetooth Low Energy (B.Sc/M.Sc)
  • Environment Classification Based On Bluetooth Low Energy Advertisements (M.Sc)
  • Transfer Learning for IoT devices (B.Sc/M.Sc)
  • Classifying the activities of birds based on sensor data, in collaboration with FTZ (B.Sc/M.Sc)


  • Expanding Simulators for Zephyr, nRF52 and BLE (B.Sc/M.Sc)
  • Validating Executions of Distributed Protocols Based on Traces (B.Sc)
  • Starc Proof: Theoretical Analysis of the STARC Intersection Management Protocol

Synchronous Transmissions

  • Porting Synchronous Transmissions (Baloo middleware) to new Technologies: e.g., Bluetooth Low Energy, Heterogeneous Cores, Ultra-WideBand (B.Sc, low-level coding)
  • Deep Breath: Porting Agreement in the Air Primitives and improving stability in Baloo (B.Sc/M.Sc)
  • Expanding the Baloo middleware with Group Management and Leader Elections (B.Sc./M.Sc.)
  • BlueBus: Efficient all-to-all communication in Bluetooth Low Energy (M.Sc)

Localization and Distance Measurements

  • Localization and Angle-of-Arrival in Bluetooth Low Energy (B.Sc/M.Sc)

Bluetooth Low Energy

  • Collecting Datasets of Bluetooth Low Energy Communication (B.Sc, experimental)
  • Experimental Study of Bluetooth Mesh (B.Sc)

Long range communication (LoRa)

  • LoRa vs. BLE Long Range: Can 2.4 GHz LoRa Overcome the Range Limitations of Bluetooth Low Energy?

Evaluation Infrastructure

  • Development of a Fully Wireless Testbed for the Evaluation of LoRa Communication Protocols (B.Sc)

New Platform: tinySDR

  • Exploring a New Platform and Adding Support for 802.15.4 to tinySDR (FPGA based)
  • ZephyrOS on tinySDR

Central Scheduling

  • Neighbor Data Collection & Schedule Distribution in Centrally Scheduled Low-Power Wireless Networks

In Collaboration With the Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht Centre for Materials and Coastal Research

  • Protecting Electronic Laboratory Notebooks from Forgery (M.Sc) More Details
  • Neural Architecture Search: Network Surgery Scheduler (M.Sc) More Details
  • Neural Architecture Search: Recuperative training times (M.Sc) More Details


We are also open for other ideas and usually have more topics available - please contact us!