Distributed Systems

Welcome to the Distributed Systems Research Group

Image Credit: Wilgengebroed (CC BY-NC 2.0)


"A Digital, Data-Driven Society and Sustainable World built from Networked, Autonomous Things”


We do -- mainly data-driven -- systems research and focus on Networked and Distributed Systems (in German: Vernetzte und Verteilte Systeme).  We are particularly passionate about the Internet of Things (IoT), Edge & Fog Computing, Edge AI, Autonomous Systems, Smart Cities, Industry 4.0. We love to build systems, play with them (=run experiments & write papers) and invite others to play with them, too, by releasing our results and code to the public. [more]


We teach courses and supervise theses on bachelor and master level in the wider area of Networked and Distributed Systems. [more]