Distributed Systems

Open Positions

Open PhD Positions

We are always looking for PhD students in the field of networked and distributed systems (full position at TV-L 13): 

  • As of now, we do not have open calls. Please contact us nonetheless in case you are looking for a position. 

Older, closed Calls


Open Hiwi Positions

We are constantly looking for students (Hiwis, paid) to support our research and teaching

  • Research on IoT, distributed systems, wireless, Edge AI…. What you should bring 
    • Excellent programming knowledge in C / Python
    • Good math skills
    • Independent and responsible work
    • Good English knowledge
  • Teaching support in BSKS and IT-security, such as correction of home works, leading exercise groups, developing new labs etc. 
    • Passion for teaching and helping other students
    • Independent and responsible work

Working hours are flexible and for research tasks students can also be employed for more than one semester.

If you are interested, please contact Olaf Landsiedel