Distributed Systems

IoT & Wireless - Best Project Awards

We thank and congratulate all participants and the winners of the Best Project Award!


Summer Term 2020 (out of 29 teams):

  • 1st.  “Smart” Mailbox - Lukas Hass
  • 2nd. Packet Loss Localization - Jakob Nazarenus & Nils Pöhlmann 
  • 3rd. (shared)
    • Smart traffic light as distributed system with only radio communication: Alexander Reiser & Hendrik Sauer

    • Leader Election in Swarm Robotics: Sarker Miraz Mahfuz & Mohammad Wasif Islam

    • Decentralised Unicast MeshNetwork: Jan Erik Petersen & Levin Schäfer 

    • Distributed pressure sensors: Tobias Schramm & Moritz Jasper Benvenuto Fago