Distributed Systems

IoT & Wireless - Best Project Awards

Each year, we invite the audience, i.e, the students to vote for the best projects. We thank and congratulate all participants and the winners of the Best Project Award!


Summer Term 2021 (out of 14 teams):

  • 1st. Smart Pot - Justin Andresen & Johannes Brück
  • 2nd. Automated Watering of Plants: Fabian Krüger & Julius Pallesen
  • 3rd. Automatic Cat Feeder with Arduino: Sukanya Morbale


Summer Term 2020 (out of 29 teams):

  • 1st.  “Smart” Mailbox - Lukas Hass
  • 2nd. Packet Loss Localization - Jakob Nazarenus & Nils Pöhlmann 
  • 3rd. (shared)
    • Smart traffic light as distributed system with only radio communication: Alexander Reiser & Hendrik Sauer

    • Leader Election in Swarm Robotics: Sarker Miraz Mahfuz & Mohammad Wasif Islam

    • Decentralised Unicast MeshNetwork: Jan Erik Petersen & Levin Schäfer 

    • Distributed pressure sensors: Tobias Schramm & Moritz Jasper Benvenuto Fago