Distributed Systems

Distributed Systems - Best Project Award

Each year, we invite the audience, i.e, the students to vote for the best projects. We thank and congratulate all participants and the winners of the Best Project Award!


Winter Term 2020/21:

  • 1st.  Distributed Chat: Hendrik Sauer, Fredrik Wieczerkowski
  • 2nd. Hacking smart contracts for fun and profit: Philipp Seeler, Justin Fürstenwerth
  • 3rd. TASC - Task scheduling app: Gavin Lüdemann, Nico Alexander Biernat
  • 3rd. Gonna sync ‘em all: Julian Grabitzky, Niklas Carstensen

Winter Term 2019/20:

  • 1st. Active replication (with Sequencer): Muhammad Moazzam and Asim Bilal
  • 2nd. Coiny Coin: Sebastian Vöge & Levin Schäfer
  • 3rd. Graphical Distributed Board: Tobias Gartmann
  • 4th. Tic Tac Toe - online: Sarah Stelling & Christian Beth

DS best project ws 19 20


Winter Term 2018/19:

  • 1st. Distributed blackboard system with GraphQL: Saif Imran
  • 2nd. Kielbrett.de: Quentin Terhoeven & Leonard Witte
  • 3rd. Mission Indestructible: Philip Eumann & Leonie Krull
  • 3rd. Active Replication with a Sequencer: Patrick Kellermann & Niko Amann

DS 2018 WS Best Project Award