Distributed Systems

Open Master & Bachelor Theses

Open Master & Bachelor Theses

Usually, topics are created ondemand. This is just a snapshot of some open thesis topics for bachelor and master students. Usually, we have much more topics, please talk to the team directly to find out more. You will mostly like know the team members from your courses with us. In general, we strongly recommend to have taken a good number of courses with us before going for a thesis with us. See here for a list of completed thesis

We offer you a great work atmosphere, motivated advisors, and a coffee  machine (or tea if you prefer).

Open Bachelor and Master Theses:

  • B.Sc: Testing Safe Intersection Crossing fo connected vehicles

  • M.Sc: BlueFlood at the 2021 dependability competition (international competition testing protocol’s resiliency against heavy interference)

  • M.Sc.: Device-to-Device (D2D) communication in cellular and / or LoRa systems

  • M.Sc: Advanced app integration topics: Developping an app using Blueflood, to have building-wide Bluetooth communication

  • M.Sc: Blue-LWB, a low-latency, energy efficient all-to-all communication primitive

  • M.Sc: Minimal BLE mesh on top of BlueFlood

  • B.Sc: Implementation and testing of deadline-based scheduling algorithms 

  • B.Sc: Stability analysis of our scheduler (C-TSCH) in different environments/conditions

  • B.Sc / M.Sc: Neighbor data collection of runtime neighbor discovery data 

  • B.Sc / M.Sc: Development of a schedule distribution mechanism

  • M.Sc: Porting the MAC Protocol Time-Slotted Channel Hopping (TSCH) to a new platform (nRF52840)

  • B.Sc: Development of a Job Scheduler for Wireless Communication Testbeds

  • B.Sc: Extend the testbed with a GPIO tracing capability to allow a deeper evaluation of new protocols

  • M.Sc: Reinforcement Learning to make Bluetoorh Advanced Frequncy Hopping more robust

  • more: please talk to us